Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Door Sign

I will post a photograph later today of the door sign on my CHU. I cut and pasted the words below and hope that they appear as official in the post as they do on the door.

Temple of the Ecclesiastical Order
The Mormo-Wiccan Faith

Notice –
Serenity is our natural condition. Before you enter, please cleanse your aura.

You are stepping on holy ground. Before you enter, please remove your shoes.

A central tenant of our faith is that all are created in a divine image. Before you enter, please remove your clothing.

Worship Times –
Every Full Moon – 1800-0600hrs
Friday the 13th – 1800-0600hrs

We believe the highest respect should be given to all other religions.
Therefore, we take the day off on anybody else’s holy days too.
All services are BYOB.

Also, this is the CHU for 1LT Sidney Collins
1st Platoon 114th Military Police Company

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