Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maybe Buddhism is the way

Okay. Tiger Woods is very, very sorry. As a Mormo-Wiccan, I have to accept his sincerity.

But I also have to admire how he can fall back on his teachings in Buddhism. I mean, he just set the bar HIGH for being a tenth degree horn dog. Not one or two affairs. No, that can be confirmed.... 14 different affairs this year. WOW!.

And Buddhism makes it right. You see, the Mormo-Wiccan faith accepts and promotes plural relationships. That is nexus for the use of "Mormo" in our title. But it always comes with a price. You have to sober up and face the music on Monday. With Buddhism though, apparently one can have the indulgence and then just burn some incense and walk away. Excellent.

The only weak link I can see is divorce court. But I doubt he will be hurting too much even if she gets an even split.

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